NAB Personal Banking


Name of Scheme Unicorn Flexi Current Deposits
Eligibility for opening this account Individuals/ Proprietary /HUF/Partnership/ 
NGOs/Trust/Societies/ Association/Clubs.
Maintain Minimum Balance in Current Account Rs. 25,000/=
Sweep Out amount(From Current a/c to Flexi Term Deposit) Rs.25,000/= and in multiples of Rs.25,000/= + Interest for Specefic Days
Periodicity of Sweep out Daily
Period of Term Deposit For 45 Days only
Rate of Interest  5.50 % 
Statement  Free Of Cost
RTGS Form This A/c No Charges

Other Features

A Statement will be issued to the depositor with all the details of Current Unicorn Flexi Account, the linked FD Flexi Account, TDS adjustment if any etc

No separate Deposit Receipt shall be issued by the Bank for the Union Flexi Deposit Scheme

Nomination facility available.

Roll over of deposit on maturity is permitted

TDS is applicable on the deposits in the linked FD Flexi Account

No loan / overdraft / lien will be permitted against the linked FD Flexi Account under this Scheme.


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