NAB Personal Banking

This deposit scheme has integrated features of the Savings Deposit and Fixed Deposit, namely liquidity with higher interest returns on surplus funds. By opting for this scheme, a customer can enjoy the benefits like liquidity and ease of operation of savings account and higher returns on surplus funds like fixed deposits. You get the following facilities:

Debit card is issued to all account holders without any charge.

Free Unlimited NEFT/RTGS facility

Free Unlimited Cheque Books per year



Account Opening:

The depositor opens a Savings Bank Flexi Account with a minimum initial amount of Rs 10,000/-. Any surplus amount above Rs.10,000, in multiples of Rs. 10,000 gets transferred into Flexi Deposit account.

Customer has to maintain minimum balance or Rs.10,000/- for This saving & Current Unicorn Flexi deposit facility.

In case the balance in SB account falls below the Threshold balance (Rs. 10,000), the gap is bridged by breaking the flexi deposit account in multiples of Rs.10,000.

Transfer of funds from FD Flexi to SB Flexi Account will be under LIFO (Last in First out) method where the linked FD units created most recently will be closed first for transfer to the SB Flexi Account.

Who Can Open an Account?

All individuals, singly or jointly who are eligible to open Savings A/C.

Period of Deposit

Deposit to be maintained Minimum Balance Rs.10,000/- For 90 Days only

Rate of Interest

6.00 % and Fixed Deposit in force from time to time. Interest will be paid on a quarterly basis on the Fixed Deposit Flexi Account.

Other Features

A Statement will be issued to the depositor with all the details of SB Flexi Account, the linked FD Flexi Account, TDS adjustment if any etc

No separate Deposit Receipt shall be issued by the Bank for the Union Flexi Deposit Scheme

Nomination facility available.

Roll over of deposit on maturity is permitted

TDS is applicable on the deposits in the linked FD Flexi Account

No loan / overdraft / lien will be permitted against the linked FD Flexi Account under this Scheme.


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