NAB Personal Banking





Sr. Particulars Rates (Present GST as applicable)
01 Issue of Duplicate Demand Drafts No Charges*
02 Revalidation/Cancellation of Drafts No Charges*
03 Loan Recovery Postdated Cheq. Return No Charges*
04 Outward Cheque return charges (Any Amount) Rs.100/- + 9% CGST & 9%SGST = Total Rs.118/-
05 Inward Cheque return charges (Any Amount) Rs.100/- + 9% CGST & 9%SGST = Total Rs.118/-
06 Stop payment Instructions Rs. 50/- + 9% CGST & 9%SGST = Total Rs.59/-
07 Standing Instructions No Charges*
08 A/c Closure Charges No Charges*
09 Issue of Duplicate Pass Book No Charges*
10 Issue of Duplicate Statement No Charges*
11 Enquiry relating to old records (if the enquiry is for an item more than 12 months old) No Charges*
12 For issuance of No Dues Certificate No Charges*
13 Issue of Solvency Certificate No Charges*
14 Issue of Cheque Books  
  SB A/cs No Charges*
  Current A/cs No Charges*
  OD(FD)/CC/Hypo/BD A/cs No Charges*
15 Any Type Of Certificate Issue No Charges*
16 Confidential Report Charges No Charges*
17 Signature Verification Charges No Charges*
18 Half Yearly incidental Charges No Charges*
  Current Accounts No Charges*
  Advances A/cs other than Term Loan and Overdrafts a/cs No Charges*
20 Inward (RTGS) No Charges*
21 Outward (RTGS) No Charges*
22 Inward(NEFT) No Charges*
23 Outward(NEFT) No Charges*
24 Outward(NEFT) No Charges*
25 NACH / Ecs Inward Return Charges Rs.100/- + 9% CGST & 9%SGST = Total Rs.118/-
26 Outward Bill Collection Charges(OBC) No Charges*
27 Cash Handling Charges No Charges*
28 Loan Processing charge No Charges*
29 Account Statement No Charges*
30 e-statements Account Charges No Charges*
31 Enquiry relating to old records for an item No Charges*
32 Net banking View Facility charges No Charges*
33 e-payment Services (Tax challan, GST,ESIC,VAT,CST,Service Tax) No Charges*
34 Bill Discounting under L/CNo Charges No Charges*
35 Bank Guarantee No Charges*
36 Late Stock Statement No Charges*
37 Minimum Balance Charges No Charges*


Sr. Fees / charges Amount Remarks
01 Annual fees (p.a.) Rs. 100 / Card + Service Tax Fee applicable to all card holders for yearly card maintenance fees
02 Additional card (p.a.) Rs. 150 / Card + Service Tax Fee applicable, if card is to be issued to account holders other than primary holder. For this bank needs to give confirmation for enabling the joint card functionality.
03 Card Replacement Fees Rs. 150 / card + Service Tax If a customer lost his/ her card and request for another card.
04 Transaction free of charges as per RBI First 5 transaction (including Financial + Non-Financial) As per NPCI guidelines for a month at list five (5) free transactions needs to be given to the account holder.
  a)Financial (Cash Withdrawal) Rs.17 / Transaction+ Service Tax Fee applicable from any 6th financial transaction onwards performed on other banks??ATM
  b)Non- Financial (Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Pin Change) Rs. 9/ transaction + Service Tax Fee applicable from any 6th non-financial transaction onwards performed on other banks's ATM
05 Daily withdrawal Limit Rs. 25000 / Card  
06 Daily Purchase Limit* Rs. 50000 / Card *When enabled
07 PIN Replacement charges Rs. 50 / Pin + Taxes Fee applicable, If a customer lost / forgets his/ her card and request for another PIN