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  • Introducing Computerized Stamp Duty Administration System "E-Stamping"


  • The E-Stamping is state-of -the art technology System with a highly secured and tamper Proof Stamp Certificate with Unique Verifiable number Online.


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  1. What is e – Stamping System?


Ans. The Central Govt. has recognized and appointed Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. (SHCIL) as the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) for Computerized Stamp Duty Administration System (CSDAS) and devise a mechanism for the electronic method of collection of stamp duty. E-Stamping system introduced by Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd (SHCIL) is a web based system. The system seeks to replace the existing modes of issue of stamp papers by the State Governments through a highly secure and tamper proof Stamp Certificate with a Unique Identification Number (UIN), thereon which is verifiable.


  1. What is Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd. (SHCIL)?


Ans. SHCIL, one of the largest depository participants with over one million active retail customer base, deploys the state-of-the-art technology and uses highly advanced operating systems in its business operations. The customer has to just pay the stamp duty to ACC and within minutes through the system, he will get a printout of the stamp duty document. The printout is specially designed and tamper proof. This mechanism is simple, convenient, transparent, reliable, and secure and cost efficient.


  1. Mechanism of e – Stamping Services:


Ans. Under the system, the clients can approach an Authorized Collection Centre (ACC) i.e. Authorized Bank’s authorized Branches, provide the requisite details for purchase of e -stamp certificates and remit applicable stamp duty. ACC enter the details in the e-Stamping system and print the stamp certificate after all the consistency checks are done and the money is accounted for. All ACC Centers i.e. Authorized Branches; transfer the stamp duty collected to the Nodal Branch of the state on the same day, which is to be transferred by Nodal Branch to SHCIL on T+1 day for their further transfer to concerned State Govt. Department.


  1. e – Stamping at BMCB bank.


Ans. e – Stamping services is being offered in 4 Branches of BMCB of State of Gujarat i.e. Ahmedabad Branch, Gandhidham Branch, Anjar Branch, and Station Road - Bhuj Branch.



Features of E-Stamping

  1. An Internet application that gives one the convenience of paying stamp duty without obtaining stamp papers etc.
  2. It ensures that the stamp duty paid by the public reaches the Government safely through a secure and reliable mode.
  3. It prevents the paper and process related fraudulent practices and avoiding stamp paper scam.

Terms & Conditions

Customer should be careful in filling of the details in application form.

Documents required

Customer has to fill up application form for e-stamping of documents. Payment can be made through cash/DD/PO/RTGS/NEFT.

Suggested time norms for activity

The facility is available at the designated branches and a receipt with unique number will be provided to the customer immediately on deposit of stamp duty amount.

Time Norm is 20 to 25 minutes

Customer’s obligation

Stamp duty is a kind of Tax like Sales Tax or Income Tax. It must be paid in full and on time to the Government. In case of delay in payment of stamp duty, penalties are imposed.

Any other important matter relating to the product

The e-Stamp certificate will be system generated with issue details in the centralized database.